Boat patrols back on Sylvan Lake after accident that killed two kids and injured another child

SYLVAN LAKE, Mich. (WXYZ) - This is the first weekend in nearly three years that the Oakland County Sheriff's Department is back patrolling Sylvan Lake because of last weekend's boat accident.

Deputy Don Nolen said for the department to just be on the water and being visible makes people think twice about water safety.

Residents requested the Oakland County Sheriff's Department to start patrolling Sylvan Lake again after the terrible accident that involved the Mansour family.  Last Sunday the Mansour kids were being pulled on a tube behind their father's jet ski when a boat hit all three children.  11-year-old Alexander and 6-year-old Gabrielle died.  10-year-old Adriana is still in critical condition. 

The patrols were originally cut because of lack of funding.  Deputy Nolen teaches boating safety classes and knows exactly what to look for on the lakes.  He constantly watches out for how fast people are going on their watercrafts and if they are following the rules.

Money from a millage is being used to fund the patrols and some in the community are stepping up to help and raise money.

If you would like to learn more about boating safety or take a free boating class with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department please visit their website:

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