Community works to get patrols after deadly boating accident that took the lives of two children

(WXYZ) - As a family mourns the death of two children killed in a tragic boating accident a community is working to get patrols out on area lakes.

"As a boater who wants to be safe out there and feels terrible about what happened on our lake, let's get it done and get it done now," said Bob Simon.

Bob Simon has lived near Sylvan Lake for years.  He and his family love enjoying Sylvan Lake, but he says on the weekends he doesn't go out because it is too busy and dangerous.

He says after Oakland County Sheriff Boat Patrols were cut a few years ago, it got worse.

"There is more reckless driving," said Simon.

The Oakland County Sheriff is planning to work with the four communities that surround the lakes to come up with a plan. Sylvan Lake says it is going to do what it has to do to make them happen starting this weekend.

"We have an agreement with the sheriff that they will start this weekend. We will work out the contract specifics later," said Sylvan Lake City Manager John Martin.

The patrols will be out on Sylvan and Otter Lakes.

Martin says money from a millage will be used, and some in the community are stepping up to help. The Oakland County Boat Club says it wants to raise money for patrols.  He is also hoping other communities that border may help.

"If we can eliminate some of the tragedies like this that just happened, that's the goal," said Martin.

The funeral for 11-year-old Alexander and  6-year-old Gabrielle Mansour will be at noon on Friday at Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church in Southfield. 

Ten-Year-Old Adriana remains in critical condition from her injuries. 

"She remains in critical condition, but we see little signs of improvement and pray they continue," said her uncle Marvin Mansour in a statement released Wednesday by the family.

The children were on a raft being pulled by their father on a jet ski on Sunday when a boat crashed into them.

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