Concern about a suspicious man who has been hanging around the Milford Public Library

MILFORD, Mich (WXYZ) - There is concern over a suspicious man reported to be a registered sex offender hanging around the Milford Public Library.

One mom says he has been flirting with and even following teenage girls; she says he followed her daughter out of the library.

The director of the library, Tina Hatch, tells 7 Action News there have been two incident reports made. One within the past two weeks just reporting that the man was in the library with children around.

The second one was written on Wednesday that said the man reportedly followed a teen out of the library.

The director says this will be discussed at the meeting of the library board next week and if the board members feel it is appropriate, they could tell the man he is longer welcome at the library and must stay away.

If necessary, board members will notify police.

The mother of the teen reportedly followed tells us she filed a police report about what happened.

Police tell us there are two levels of registered sex offenders. Some can't be anywhere near where children might be present.  The director says the safety of everyone, especially children, is of the highest priority.

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