DTE battling power outages in Oakland County after ice storm

Eric Fritzler isn't used to roughing it. He said "It's pretty rough especially with the cold and everything."

In his neighborhood some are fortunate and already have power restored, but others not as lucky. The reason is Saturday night's rain, freezing onto power lines just like tree branches, giving DTE a lot to work with.

"My refrigerator wasn't working this morning" said Fritzler.

Tens of thousands in Oakland County are still without power tonight. At the Clintonville Market in Waterford, Owner Paul Shaya said "We've been selling a lot of necessities like battery, toiletries and milk. Prepared food, because they lost power and ovens, microwaves and toasters, so selling a lot of pizzas, we sell a lot anyway but extra today."

Sunday night and into Monday morning, crews from DTE will be fighting the elements and working non-stop to get power restored to everyone.

As of 4 p.m. on Monday, DTE says approximately 87,000 customers remain without power.

They estimate 90 percent of its customers will be restored by late Christmas night.

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