Emotional Tucker Cipriano apologizes in court, sentenced to life in prison without parole

(WXYZ) - Tucker Cipriano was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without parole in the baseball bat beating that killed his father and severely injured his mother and brother.

Cipriano tearfully addressed the court and apologized to his family and all those affected by the brutal attack.

He told the court that his mom and dad were always there for him trying to help him with his substance abuse. He became emotional at times during his statement.

"I want my dad back and so does Belly [Isabella], my mom, Tanner and Salvatore. Not only them, but everyone who got the chance to meet him. He taught me to hold my head up and be strong and be responsible. That includes taking responsibility for my actions, thus suffering the consequences," Cipriano said.

At one point, he spoke directly to his family during his statement.

"I might have been irresponsible and may have been an unpleasant older brother, but... Tanner, Sal and Belly I love you guys with all my heart," Tucker said.

And then he spoke to mother. "Mom, you remember when the teachers had to detach us from you, on the first day of first grade? Well, mom… I wish I would never had let go."

The sentencings come after Cipriano pleaded no contest in the case and  his friend, Mitchell Young, was convicted on First Degree charges.

Young maintains his innocence, despite forensic evidence of Robert Cipriano's blood on his clothing. He says the blood came when he was trying to intervene and that he was also injured in the attacks.

Both men addressed the court before they were sentenced. They are both facing mandatory life sentences.


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