Investigation under way after several baby geese run over in Waterford

WATERFORD, Mich. (WXYZ) - An investigation is ongoing after witnesses reported to police they watched a driver of a red pickup truck run over several baby geese Sunday night.

The incident took place on Hospital Road in Waterford around 9:20 pm.

One witness told officers he came to a stop on the southbound side when a family of six Canada Geese adults and five goslings were crossing the street.

He noticed a pickup truck in the opposite direction and he told officers he flashed his lights to warn the driver. The witness reported the driver kept going, and ended up hitting some of the baby geese.

"That's terrible," said Becky LaPratt who lives near the incident. "I mean some people don't like them in their yards but they're wildlife. We don't have a lot of that left around here."

The witness was so horrified, he got the license plate of the red pickup and drove to the Waterford Police Department to report the case.

While officers were taking down the information, two other upset witnesses walked into the police station to report the crime as well.

Investigators tracked down the driver. They identified him as a 19-year-old from White Lake.

The Oakland County Prosecutor's office is reviewing the case. It is not known at this time whether he will face any charges.

Officers say he told them he did not mean to strike the geese and he fled the scene because he was scared.

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