Judge rules some crime scene photos will be allowed in Cipriano trial

(WXYZ) - Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor John Skrynski tried to convince a judge that pictures from inside the  Cipriano house and autopsy photos will be critical to show jurors in court.

Thursday afternoon, he argued the extremely graphic photos show the intent to kill as he appeared before Judge Shalina Kumar.

Both Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young sat quietly with their heads down as Judge Kumar ruled some of the photos could be used.

"It's not unexpected," said Cipriano's attorney Mitchell Ribitwer. "The judge allowed some photographs and not others."

"Mr.  Skrynski made a reasonable and good argument regarding what he has to prove so I understand the judge's ruling," said Young's attorney Michael McCarthy.  "I'm happy some of this evidence is going to be admitted."

Skrynski would not comment on the case.

The defense attorneys expect there to be high tension during the trial with a lot of emotion as family members have to relive the horrific night.

There will be evidence from the medical examiner, testimony from first responders along with the extremely graphic pictures.

"Members of the family... Importantly, Rose Cipriano who is a victim in the case and lost her husband and has to be responsible for her children is adamant about not getting this case to move forward," said Ribitwer.

"I've been around a long time and it certainly got my attention," said McCarthy. "I have looked at a lot of homicide photographs. These are particularly gruesome."

The prosecutor has subpoenaed family members to testify. It is not clear yet if Tucker Cipriano or Mitchell Young will take the stand.

Their attorneys told 7 Action News they are not are sure yet.

"I can't tell you that right now," said Ribitwer. "A lot is going to depend on how the case develops, but I'm not ruling that out.  He may take the stand."

Both men will be tried at the same time, but with separate juries.

Jury selection begins for Cipriano's case on Monday and for Young's case on Thursday.

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