VERDICT: Jury finds Mitchell Young guilty of First Degree Murder in fatal Cipriano family attack

PONTIAC, Mich., (WXYZ) - A jury has found Mitchell Young guilty of First Degree Murder in the baseball bat beating death of Bob Cipriano and the attack on the Cipriano family.

Young was found guilty of First Degree Premeditated Murder, First Degree Felony Murder and two counts of Assault with Intent to Murder Friday morning around 11:15 a.m.

Young was found guilty of beating Bob Cipriano to death with a baseball bat alongside Bob Cipriano's son Tucker. Tucker's mother and brother Salvatore were also critically injured in the attack. Tucker Cipriano earlier pleaded no contest to the murder charges.

The jury took just 90 minutes to come to a unanimous verdict in Young's trial.

Sentencing is scheduled for both Mitchell Young and Tucker Cipriano July 24 at 1:00 p.m.

The trial against Mitchell Young wrapped up Thursday with emotional closing arguments.

A tearful Mitchell Young read a note from his girlfriend Kristen Spaw just moments before closing arguments began. She says he had a bright future before getting involved in drugs and the wrong crowd.

"He graduated with a 3.8, he was going to go into the Air Force. He had a lot going for him. That kid is probably the most talented person I've ever met," said Spaw.

Recalling testimony Thursday, the assistant prosecutor said blood spatter found on Young's pants proves he was within inches of Bob Cipriano and standing over him as he was attacked with a bat.



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