Forensic scientist testifies in Mitchell Young murder trial

PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) - Forensic scientist, Andrea Young with the Michigan State Police, took the stand most of Wednesday afternoon in the Mitchell Young murder trial.

She testified she processed several samples from objects at the crime scene inside the Cipriano home the day of the attacks in April 2012.

She said she also took swabs from Mitchell Young's hands, face and inside his mouth.

According to the forensic scientist, Young's DNA was found on an Easton bat which was one of the bats tied to the murder of Bob Cipriano.

She testified Bob Cipriano's DNA was also discovered on Young's pants.  It was also on the Easton bat were blood stains which point to the DNA of Rose Cipriano and her son Salvatore.

It was revealed Tucker Cipriano's DNA was not on that bat but was discovered on another bat.
Young had confessed to investigators he was afraid of Tucker Cipriano and that he was ordered to "take care of" Rose Cipriano, Tucker's mother.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Bridget Lockhart, a blood stain expert out of the Oakland County Sheriff's  Department took the stand.

She told the court she was one of the investigators on scene after the horrific incident.

Her investigation uncovered that based on blood spatter found on Mitchell Young pants, Young had to be in close range and above Bob Cipriano.

Young is accused of attacking the Cipriano family with a baseball bat alongside his friend Tucker Cipriano.

Tucker's father Robert died in the attack. His mother and brother suffered severe injuries.

On Monday an ER doctor testified that injuries to the family were some of the worst he's ever seen.

Tucker Cipriano pleaded no contest to murdering his father and assaulting his mother and brother last week. He'll spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

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