Testimony in Mitchell Young murder trial focuses on inconsistencies in his statements

PONTIAC, Mich., (WXYZ) - The Mitchell Young murder trial has resumed in the baseball bat attack that killed Robert Cipriano and severely injured his wife Rose and son Sal.

During testimony Monday, Sgt. Richard Wehby - a detective on the case at the time of the murder-  took the stand to discuss inconsistencies on what Mitchell Young told investigators after the crime.

Sgt. Wehby said Young gave different reports on how the two entered the house. He reportedly admitted to hitting Rose Cipriano. The sergeant said Young told investigators that Tucker Cipriano also hit him with a bat and said he was afraid of Tucker.

However, an emergency room doctor would later testify that when she treated him in the hours after that attack, Young showed no visible sign of that type of trauma - despite having a dislocated jaw.

Tucker Cipriano pleaded no contest in the fatal attack on his father and the beatings of his mom and brother. He will serve life in prison.

Sergeant Wehby also said Young seemed distraught and was sobbing the whole time, then would start smiling and asked "Off the record, how am I doing?"

Testimony Friday focused on the horrifying scene inside the Cipriano family home. Police officers told the jury what they found when they arrived.

One officer said he had never seen a crime scene so bloody and gruesome.

A teen who was only 14-years-old at the time of the attacks also testified Monday. She told the court that a friend had called to notify her about the attacks, which were all over the news. The teen said at the time of the phone call, Tucker Cipriano was sleeping inside her home in Keego Harbor.

She also testified that when Tucker woke up and was aware that police were looking for him, he asked her and another friend to get a knife and clothing out of Young's pickup truck.

That was when police arrived on the scene and took them into custody.

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