Mitchell Young sentenced to life in prison in Cipriano murder case, says he was wrongfully convicted

(WXYZ) - Mitchell Young was sentenced Wednesday afternoon in the baseball bat beatings that killed Robert Cipriano and severely injured two other Cipriano family members.

Just before sentencing, Young spoke before the court. He said he never could have imagined that being friends with Tucker Cipriano would lead to such a tragedy.

Tucker Cipriano was also sentenced Wednesday. He apologized for his role in the death of his father and for the attack that nearly took the lives of his mother - Rose - and brother - Salvatore.

At Mitchell Young's sentencing, he said he was wrongfully convicted and was not guilty of the attack.

For about 30 minutes he addressed the court and pointed to flaws in the prosecution, evidence, and witnesses.

He also said his attorney did not represent him well enough.

 "I once again want to state that I am not guilty of the five crimes I am to be sentenced for today… and I do intend to file for my appeal  as soon as possible following the conclusion of this hearing," said Young.

He thanked his family for their support. In his lengthy statement, he also accused his attorney of not providing proper representation.

Young also addressed the Cipriano family:

"Words do very little to express the depths of sorrow I have for all of you. If there were any way that I could change what has happened, I would do it in a heartbeat. As I've already said, I never intended for any of this to happen to any of you. Had I been aware of what was going to occur inside that house that night… I never would have even been there. Nothing I can say can change what happened. Nothing I can do can bring Robert Cipriano back to you, or take away the hurt to Rose and Salvatore."

Young also blamed the jury, saying he wasn't treated fairly.

He told the court his life had so much promise, graduating with a 3.8 grad point average from high school.

He said he was two weeks away from attending Michigan Institute of Aviation Technology.

Young stated his mistake was befriending Tucker Cipriano, taking the wrong path by hanging out with him, and doing drugs.

He told the court he wished he had stopped Tucker Cipriano from carrying out the bat attacks.

In response, Judge Shalina Kumar said she was surprised he did not take any responsibility.

She told Young that Michael McCarthy, Young's attorney is a great attorney and an attorney could not have done a better job.

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