Mother dog and 6 puppies found abandoned in Southfield; Now in shelter, looking for new homes

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - A mother dog and her six puppies were found abandoned on Clara Lane in Southfield.

The dog and her puppies were cold and hungry.

The puppies were in a box next to the mother dog. She was tied up to a pole.

Animal control officers got the call and came to pick them up this morning.

Animal caregivers nearby are frustrated because there is an animal shelter two blocks from where they were found.

Thankfully, the mother dog and her puppies are safe now at the Almost Home shelter.

There are 5 boy puppies and one girl puppy. They're only four weeks old, and need to be with their mother for a couple more weeks.

They will soon be prepped to go into a good home.

The mother dog, nicknamed Jasmine, also needs a good home too.

If you have the home and the love. Go to  It is a non-kill shelter.

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