New ailment called "Text Neck" affecting more and more teens

Do you have "Text Neck"

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich (WXYZ) - The pain started after Madeleine Hughes started using her phone regularly in 4th grade.

"There is a lot of tension in my neck and when there's tension it causes really bad headaches" Madeleine told us from the stretch table at Rodnick Chiropractic Life center in Commerce Township.

Madeleine sees Dr. Adam Rodnick at least once a month after being diagnosed with "Text Neck."

"For every inch the ears go forward in front of the shoulders, we're putting an extra 10 pounds of pressure on the spine, neck and shoulders" says Dr. Rodnick.

It's the way we bow our heads down 3-4 inches for sometimes hours at a time that Dr. Rodnick says can cause future degenerative changes in the spine, causing it to age prematurely.

Dr. Rodnick says in the last 5 years handheld devices have become more popular-- he has been treating a lot more teens for "Text Neck."

The one prevention rule Dr. Rodnick offers: Keep your head up!





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