Patterson says a plea deal should be on the table in the Cipriano murder case

(WXYZ) - 7 Action News has learned new information about behind the scenes efforts to get a plea deal in the high profile Cipriano murder case. 

And while that family has been silenced with a gag order by the judge in the case, the family has a strong voice in their corner, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson who spent 19 years as prosecutor - including 16 elected by the people. 

Patterson is a political nemesis to current Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and he's very critical of her handling of this case. 

It was April of last year that Bob Cipriano was beaten to death with a baseball bat, his wife Rose and son Salvatore were critically beaten. Their son Tucker and his friend Mitchell Young are both set for trial on murder and attempted murder charges. Both have confessed. 

Rose Cipriano wrote a letter to the prosecutor requesting the case be plea bargained so that her family does not have to relive the tragedy. In the alternative, Rose has requested that she, another son Tanner and a 9-year-old daughter, Isabella, not be required to testify. 

Patterson says that testimony would be cumulative and not necessary. 

Greg Cipriano, who is an attorney and has gone public with the family's case, can no longer speak because he too is on the witness list and is under the gag order. 

The pleadings for that gag order are included on this web page. Attached to the pleadings of a transcript of conversations between Greg and his nephew Tucker inside the Oakland County Jail in May discussing a plea deal. 

Greg Cipriano met with Patterson on Monday. 


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