Royal Oak Commissioner threatens legal action against political blogger

(WXYZ) - A Royal Oak city commissioner is threatening legal action against one of his political foes. Jim Rasor is demanding an apology after a blogger accused of being unethical.

"I've worked my butt off," Rasor told Action News. "I'm not about to have a political activist go after me with untrue statements."

Rasor says Geof Vasquez, an outspoken critic of the commissioner, posted a blog accusing him of unethical activity. In a December 15 post on the Royal Oak Patch, Vasquez asked, ""Is it ethical for a city commissioner to represent a taxpayer owing $311,631.32 in delinquent taxes to the city he was elected to represent?"

The property is 423 N. Main, and is owned by Murray Investments, which is a client of Rasor. Rasor is a practicing attorney.

The Oakland County Treasurer's office, which was collecting the money, confirms to Action News the delinquent taxes were paid off on November 27.

"There was a blog statement and a request for investigation to the city attorney by Mr. Vasquez," said Rasor. "The request for an investigation and the blog both contain factual inaccuracies, actual outright untruths.

Action News contacted Vasquez for comment, but he declined saying "the issue was blown out of proportion." Vasquez said he was simply looking for answers from the city and "didn't want the publicity."

Rasor say she's emailed Vasquez demanding a retraction. If one is not printed, he'll consider going to court.

"I'm very happy to have a jury look at this controversy," Rasor said.


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