State police crack down on aggressive drivers

OAK PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Within a matter of days there have been a string of fatal crashes and state police believe it's all due to aggressive driving.

"This is the biggest complaint that we get from folks is that there is just people out there and they are going too fast. They are either tailgating, they're switching traffic lanes, passing on the shoulders and all kinds of things that actually lead up to a lot of fatal traffic crashes."

Over the next few weeks, state troopers are cracking down on those driving aggressively.

Monday afternoon police pulled over several drivers weaving on the freeway and driving too fast.

"If you are doing 75 in a 70 that's probably not the person that we're looking for," said Lt. Michael Shaw. "We are looking for the person who is doing 85, 90. They're in the left lane. They are tailgating other drivers… they are flashing their headlights. They are flipping people off."

If you find yourself on the road with a driver who is tailgating you tell 7 Action News how you can take action to stay safe.

You can call 9-1-1 if you don't feel comfortable.

Police warn do not engage the driver by making eye contact or even talking to them.

State Troopers also say the crackdown on aggressive driving includes driving while texting.

"If you are talking on the phone it leads up to a crash. It's called distracted driving and that is a form of aggressive driving," said Lt. Shaw. "When you are driving over the speed limit, you got the cell phone up to your head then you are not really paying attention to what you are doing."

State troopers are always patrolling the road but they say they will continue this specific detail during rush hour times through August 9 th.




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