Taking action for a young girl whose parents need to add on to their house to better care for her

LYON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - We are taking action for a Lyon Township girl who celebrated her 12th birthday on August 12th.  However, she didn't get the birthday gift she needs the most.

Breanna Strange and her family need some serious help with their house. 

"Bree" has dystonia which doesn't allow her to use her muscles. This forces her parents, David and Kim Strange, to carry their now 70-pound daughter up and down the stairs of their home.

David says, "It is not if but when one of us falls down the stairs carrying her because we just can't physically do it anymore."

A staircase chair lift wouldn't work because Breanna can't sit up by herself, it wouldn't be safe. They are pretty much stuck. 

They need two additional bedrooms and a bathroom added on to their home downstairs to meet her needs. 

Despite her circumstances, Breanna inspires those around her. Her nickname is "ANGEL"

Attorney Bob Langan, who founded the Pelican Foundation is trying to help raise money but this a major expense. To find out more information about the foundation go to pelicanfoundation.com.

To help out, please email Vic Faust at vfaust@wxyz.com.

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