Tucker Cipriano expected to address family members at his sentencing

(WXYZ) - On Wednesday, Tucker Cipriano will hear the news he already knows is coming; he will be sentenced to life in prison for killing his father with a baseball bat last spring.

The attack also left his mother and brother critically injured.

Cipriano plead no contest to First Degree Murder before his trial was set to begin.

His attorney, Mitch Ribitwer, told 7 Action News Cipriano has an emotional statement planned for court.

"I know he wanted to address his family," said Ribitwer.  "He wants to address the court.  He wants to address the community. I anticipate he will accept responsibility for his behavior."

Ribitwer said, since Cipriano has been locked up in jail, he has had time to think about the severity of his crimes.

"This incident occurred well over a year ago," said Ribitwer. "At that time Tucker was drug induced. He had substance abuse problems. He was really not of sound mind at the time all of this went down. Now that he has to reflect over time… you saw it-- he accepted responsibility for his behavior. He is very distraught. He is very remorseful and if he could bring them back he would."

Ribitwer says Cipriano hopes his family is able to heal after what happened.

"He wants them to heal emotionally, psychologically, and physically," he said.

Cipriano's friend, Mitchell Young, is also expected to receive a mandatory life sentence for helping carry out the attack.

Mitchell spoke to 7 Action News briefly over the phone on Tuesday in his first ever interview about the attack.

"I never had intent to kill anyone, these were people I never met, never had anything against them and I was with someone I had only known for about 3 weeks," said Mitchell. "I tried to intervene...that's when I was hurt by Tucker. I went there under the impression I was taking Tucker to pick up some things."

Young still maintains he was a victim. Forensic evidence in court showed blood spattering on Young's pants which the assistant prosecutor said showed that Young was standing over Robert Cipriano as he was being beaten to death.


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