Will schools with too many snow days have to have make-up days later?

State says no plan to waive day requirement

(WXYZ) - This January is the coldest January since 1977.  It will go down in the record books as the snowiest month ever in metro-Detroit.  As a result, many schools are having a record number of snow days.

So will the state give schools a break on how many days are required?  

Superintendents say in the past the governor has provided relief.  

7 Action News put a call into the Governor Rick Snyder's office.

His Deputy Press Secretary, David Murray, says so far no bills have been brought to the governor that would waive the minimum number of days required by the state. The governor would not take action unilaterally.

"Everybody wants to make sure that students get the education they need, and the desired classroom time. School administrators have great experience in planning a school calendar, and they can always add days to make up for lost time. Last spring, our partners in the Legislature passed a bill that allowed districts to add time to the school day to avoid extending the school year. We're not aware of any bills filed this year that would call for a similar schedule change," said Murray.

The state requires 170 school days, but allows school to be canceled up to 6 times for emergencies like bad weather.

The message, it looks like schools who don't have extra days built into their schedule and have had 6 school closings are going to have to lobby lawmakers, or adjust their schedules to guarantee full school funding.

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