Crane accident injures man in 60s, a female worker involved ends up in water in St. Clair Shores

(WXYZ) - Emergency crews were called to the scene of a crane accident in St. Clair Shores Friday morning.

Batallion Chief Walter Jenuwine told 7 Action News a male in his 60's injured his left arm and ankle when the crane he was operating tipped. A second worker, a female, was also involved in the accident.

According to investigators, the two workers were attempting to transfer a welder from a truck on the road down to a boat when something went wrong. The second worker, a female, either was thrown overboard or jumped in the water to avoid a more serious accident.  The Chief was unclear what lead to her ending up in the water.

She was distraught and did not want to talk.

At this point they are unsure of whether or not the crane operator had the four stabilizers deployed.  The crane may also have been on unstable ground.

The crane operator, the man in his 60's, was in good spirits.

MIOSHA is investigating.


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