Dorm rooms flood at U of M after sprinkler system pipe bursts

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Dorm rooms flooded and 100 students were forced to find somewhere else to live for a few days in Ann Arbor.

It happened Thursday around 10:30 a.m. on the campus of the University of Michigan.

"I was in the halls and people were just running around like, did you see what happened?" said Rajeev Bhatt.  Bhatt lives on the fifth floor of the building right above the floors that were flooded. 

Bhatt's friend took cell phone video while running toward the water gushing out of the pipe.

"There was water everywhere," said Bhatt.

Thousands and thousands of gallons of water flooded the dorm rooms at the North Quad.

"There was maybe two inches of water on the ground," said Bhatt.

The coupling ruptured in one of the pipes of the sprinkler system in a stairwell on the fourth floor. Floors three and four suffered the most damage. 

"It was just three inches of water on the floor. The third floor had water going on the sides of the wall and on the top," said Azad Barazi. Barazi lives on the fourth floor. He is one of 100 students affected by the flood.

"It was awful and it smells really bad," said Barazi.

The sophomore did not lose much in the flood, but his roommate lost an important asset to every college student's life. His laptop was submerged in three inches of water.

"My roommate left his laptop on the floor and if he didn't back up his information that might all be lost," said Barazi.

Classes that are held in the building had to be canceled because the flooding damaged some areas in that part of the building, but it was minimal.

"Well, I don't know where to go now," said Yanni Gu who takes classes and studies in the building. Students are being told to check with their professors to see where their next class will be held.

A university spokesperson tells 7 Action News they will relocate all 100 students affected by the flood to some form of emergency housing and that students should claim the damages on their parent's homeowners insurance. 

The university said they will work with students who might not have the option for the homeowner's insurance like the international students that live in the dorm.

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