Washtenaw County deputy uses duct tape to help save seven ducklings

SCIO TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - Deputy Ballard of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department rescued 7 ducklings while they were crossing Jackson Avenue in Scio Township Tuesday afternoon.

While on traffic duty, Deputy Ballard noticed cars slowing down on Jackson Avenue and shortly realized it was seven ducklings holding up traffic.

After being frightened by a passing car, the ducklings scurried across the street to meet their mother duck but fell into a storm drain in the process.

Deputy Ballard contacted the Scio Township Fire Department to assist in the rescue effort, where they took the grate off of the storm drain.

In a joint creative effort, the two forces attached duct tape to the end of shovels to use as their tools to hoist the ducklings out of the storm drain.

Two hours later, all of the ducks were safely returned to their mother duck and waddled on their way.

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