Storms sweep through Ann Arbor, tree falls on woman walking dog

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - A tree crashed down during the storm and fell on a car and a woman walking her dog with her husband in Ann Arbor.

"I heard this crack and saw the tree come down and then all of a sudden I heard somebody scream. So I ran outside and saw the woman on the ground," said Krysten Salla.  She owns the car that took the brunt of the fall.  The car is the only reason why the tree did not pin the woman to the ground.

"It was a really big branch. So the car might have saved her life, I don't know," said Salla.

Salla thinks the couple got caught in the rain when the storm rolled through. The pair was not far from their home.  Neighbors called 9-1-1 and an ambulance came for the woman's injuries.

"She was lying on the ground screaming, she told me she thinks she passed out for a minute, but she was with it," said Salla.

Nobody seemed shocked the tree on Glendale fell because it is half dead and because it was supposed to be cut down.  The homeowner says the city of Ann Arbor marked the trunk with green spray paint back in May for removal.

Two other areas were hit hard including homes by Daniel Street where a tree knocked out power lines.  Not too far away on Liberty and Seventh a tree knocked down power lines and knocked out power to everyone in the area.

DTE said they have at least 11,000 customers without service across the viewing area in scattered spots.  Detroit Metro Airport also reports plane delays because of the weather we had here in the metro Detroit area and all over the country.

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