19-year-old says paying her cell phone bill led to scary text messages

MELVINDALE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Shelling out money to pay your cell phone bill may never be a pleasant experience.

However, doing so should never make you fear for your safety or even your life.

“I was scared, I was angry, I felt disrespected”, saying 19-year-old Gemini Roe.

Gemini says she was in shock after paying her Metro PCS bill, at a Metro OCS store on Allen Road, in Melvindale, on Friday.

Gemini tells 7 Action News, that a few minutes after she left the store; she received a text for an employee.

She says she was scared and angry and felt disrespected by the unwanted advances, and asked that the texting stop.

Gemini went on to say that, after complaining to management, she received yet another text from the person, who calls himself, “Young Metro”.

“If it were me I’d fear for my safety. Does he have her address?  I don’t know. Does he have access to the photos and everything on her phone? I don’t know. I don’t know, it’s scary,” says a worried Mom, Anne Reed.

Gemini sand her mother reached out to 7 Action News, “to warn anybody and everybody.”

Mother and daughter believe you should be able to trust a company you give your money to not harass you.

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