7 Action News Investigators uncover new information on mayor of Highland Park's driving record

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - The 7 Action News Investigators have learned new information about the Highland Park mayor's driving record following a controversy with the police department.

Officers claim they are in fear for their jobs for pulling over the mayor after they said some of them were fired.

Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windom has been caught speeding three times in recent years in three different states.

The most recent time police pulled over the mayor was this past Easter weekend.  Police officers saw the mayor's Cadillac at Ferris and Woodward run a red light with the emergency lights deployed as if Windom was headed to an emergency. One of the officers later confronted Windom about that night with a tape recorder rolling.

From that recording:

Officer:  "Yes, I did."

Mayor:   "No, you didn't."

Officer:  "I said, sir you have a good night and you got out of the car and well you called me a dum dum.  Do you admit calling me a dum dum?"

Mayor: "Yeah I did, yes I did."

The violation of ignoring stop lights has also been added to Windom's driving history.   Officers started recording conversations after they said they started to fear for their jobs.  Officers said the mayor fired them for pulling him over but the mayor claimed it was a mistake.

Windom's speeding violations include a speeding incident when he was charged in Ohio in 2009.   That same year, he was caught speeding again in St. Joseph, Michigan.  A year later in 2010 he was caught speeding in Indiana.

Mayor Windom said in the recording, "I work hard for the police department, all right, and to save the police department.  So I'm not against the police department."

Yet when Windom was pulled over in his city he fired the officers who stopped him.  His attorney tells 7 Action News that there was no wrong doing on the mayor's part.

"There's been no negative or adverse action by the city against these officers or by the administration," said the Highland Park city attorney Todd Perkins.

Lawyers for both police officers said their clients are back on the job.  The mayor would not answer any questions on camera for 7 Action News.

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