Belle Isle being considered as permanent home for Metallica's Orion Music + More festival

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Could Belle Isle be the permanent home for the Orion Music + More festival?

That's what Detroit leaders are hoping for after Metallica headlines their two day event here.

The concert promoters expect 40,000 people to come through the gates this weekend and they are going to need high numbers like that to make this a success.

On Thursday, crews put finishing touches on stages and other parts of the island while Metallica got ready for their music festival with a press conference. 

"You guys needed your grass cut here on Belle Isle," joked guitarist and lead singer James Hetfield when asked why they picked Detroit. 

"We got a couple more lots for you then," laughed Detroit City councilman James Tate.

They had some fun, but on a more serious note, the band could make Belle Isle the festival's permanent home.

"This island is beautiful. You can stand right in the middle of the sight and just do a 360 and it's pretty nice everywhere," said Hetfield.

Last year the group lost a lot of money on the two day event. They hope to at least break even this year.

"It takes years to build up a festival and its reputation. We are in it hopefully for the long haul," said Hetfield.

Hetfield says they had an easy time working with the city to make the show a reality. Detroit's deep music roots and hard working people made it a likeable choice.

"It's been a blue collar hard-working, hard rocking town for us in our 30 year history," said Hetfield.

They came in a few days early to get to know the city better.

"We pulled in last night.  We got to go see a Tigers game. Got out and some good meat and tonight going to see some good bands," said Hetfield.

This year the band will only perform one night. The Red Hot Chili Peppers will headline the other night.

Fans could get to see something special.  Hetfield said they invited Bob Seger to come out and sing a song with them. The group has not heard back from Seger, but there is still time.

If all goes well, Detroit could become the festival's permanent home.

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