Bashara in court for preliminary hearing on wife, Jane Bashara's First Degree Murder case

(WXYZ) - Bob Bashara returned to court Tuesday for the second day of a preliminary hearing on wife, Jane Bashara's First Degree Murder case.

The start of the hearing was delayed until 1:30 pm Monday due to  the police situation at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

The preliminary hearing, which will continue Wednesday, is expected to focus on Bashara's double life.

On Monday, the court heard some testimony on that life with one witnesses talking about what he called Bashara's "dungeon" and his relationship with Rachel Gillett. 

Prosecutors say the secret life involved bondage and kinky sex and is the motive behind Bashara wanting his wife dead. Prosecutors say they have a witness who can help them prove it.

"I think she is a person both sides will want to talk to to see what she knows," says David Draper, attorney for the prosecutor's witness. She is yet to be named but we do know she is from Oregon.

The witness met Bashara on an alternate lifestyle website focuses on master-slave sex relationships with more than one partner.

Prosecutors say the plan included Bashara, his girlfriend Rachel Gillett and the Oregon witness to set up a household in Grosse Pointe Park. Prosecutors say the plan did not include Bashara's wife, Jane.

"What's very powerful is for somebody to come forward, even if it may be embarrassing," said Draper.

During Monday's hearing the court also heard testimony about a revolver that was found in a safe deposit box shared by Bashara and his mother and turned over to police by his former attorney, David Griem.

Bashara had told police he didn't own a gun.

Prosecutors are hoping to prove Bashara wanted his wife out of the picture; hiring handyman Joe Gentz to commit the murder. Gentz has admitted as much but says despite a change of heart, he was forced to follow through at gun point.

Jane's body was found in her SUV on Detroit's east side in January of 2012; nearly two years later his hearing will determine if her husband will stand trial for her murder.

Bashara is currently in jail for plotting to kill Gentz. He could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted of first degree murder in the death of his wife.

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