Cold weather turns to big headaches when Westland woman's pipes freeze

WESTLAND, Mich. (WXYZ) - It has been a long day for Kacee Roberts.

She was without water for hours after the main water line froze overnight due to the extremely cold weather.

Roberts woke up to no running water early Tuesday morning.

"It must've froze fast because I had it working around 8:00 last night," said Roberts.

Plumber Robert Cushman at Dan Wood Plumbing And Heating told 7 Action News that the cold air was able to seep through a crawl space.

"This one was actually wide open so all the cold air from outside came in and it got cold enough overnight with the low temperatures and it simply froze the water service in the house," said Cushman.

When the temperatures dip into the single digits, experts say make sure crawl space air vents are insulated.

Crews spent hours thawing out the frozen pipe.  Roberts now has running water but the whole day was a major inconvenience for her.

"You can't do anything pretty much," said Roberts.  "You go to wash your hands and you can't even do that.  No coffee.  No toilet.  You can't flush the toilet. You can flush it once and that's it.  Dishes …. anything involving water."

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