Complaint could strip shirtless judge's job

WAYNE COUNTY (WXYZ) - The judge known for sending a steamy shirtless picture of himself is now at the center of a formal complaint that could get him kicked off the bench.

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission filed a 5-count formal complaint against Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree.

The twenty page complaint slams McCree, from accusing him of misusing his powers as a judge to lying about an alleged affair with Geniene LaShay Mott while she fought to receive child support from Robert King in McCree's courtroom.

According to the complaint, the relationship also included sex sessions in McCree's chambers and plans to give King harsher punishments for not paying. In one text message dated August 12, 2012, McCree said "I figured if hasn't come current by his court date, he gets jail 2 pay. If he says he can bring me the $$, I'll put him on a tether till he brings the receipt 2 FOC or do ‘double time'."

When the child support case was moved to another judge, McCree texted Mott saying he spoke to the judge about King. The text message, dated September  18, 2012, said, "DONE DEAL!!!:-). I told a story so well, I had me believing it!! Brother King is on his way 2 ‘hangin' Judge Callahan. He (expletive) up Once (sic) & he's through!!"

The JTC says it didn't stop there. McCree is accused of also being lenient on Mott's cousin, and when word got out of his shirtless picture to a court bailiff, he allegedly pleaded with Mott to stay quiet. In an email dated June 20, 2012, McCree says, "My Judicial Tenure Commission matter has me nervous, as you might expect. I have to be real careful until this matter is put to rest. I can only ask humbly for your indulgence. Sorry. Second, you are the complaining witness on a case that is before me. Naturally if it got out that we were seeing each other before your B.D.'s case closed, everybody could be in deep (expletive). (emphasis in original)"

The commission also alleges McCree tried to cover up the situation, saying  he lied when he filed a stalking claim against Mott by saying she demanded $10,000 to hide the affair and not tell his wife about her pregnancy.

McCree has already been suspended and is being sued in federal court by the father in the child support case.

He now has 14 days to file an answer to this complaint. After that, the case gets heard by a Michigan Supreme Court appointed master.  Depending on how that hearing goes, the judge could be removed from office.


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