Couples coming home from Boston Marathon share stories of being separated during the bombings

ROMULUS, Mich. (WXYZ) - The reunion these parents had at the airport is one they are happy to have here at the airport instead of at the finish line.

"We're just lucky that this time nobody had come to watch," said Joel Dalton.

The Boston Marathon is the only race their kids have not been too.  At the marathon Joel finished before his wife, Jackie Dalton, and they got separated when the bombs exploded.  He was supposed to go watch her at the finish line.

"Right away Jackie's phone started ringing and it was my daughter and she didn't know," said Joel. 

Their daughter had no way of knowing he couldn't find their mother. The Ann Arbor man thought his wife got caught in the blast. After an hour of searching, their friend who was also running the race with them spotted Jackie.

"Just out of the corner of my eye I caught her talking to someone, a very nice Bostonian, offering up a phone," said Roger Sunahara.

"Immediately everyone just broke down," said Joel.

They feared the worst for a while - just like Jennifer Murray and her husband Rob.

"So I was in the medical tent when the explosions hit. I was in there for dehydration," said Murray.

The Milford woman walked out of the tent to chaos on the street and managed to get out a meeting spot to her husband by cell phone before service went down.

"He had terror in his eyes and he came across the lobby, and I didn't have my ring on and it was the first thing he did.  'cause I don't run with my ring on and he slipped it on my finger and gave me a huge hug," said Murray.

"It was tough. It was real tough you know, just how quickly things can change," said Rob Murray.

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