Dearborn Heights man charged with making threats toward President Obama

DEARBORN Hgts., Mich. - A Dearborn Heights man has been charged with making threats against the President of the United States. 

James Myers, 37, of Dearborn Heights has been charged in the Eastern District of Michigan with making threats against the President of the United States and threatening to blow up the FCC building in Washington D.C.

The United States Secret Service received the tip on December 9, 2012--when they say someone had called the National Geographic Channel in Washington D.C. and left four voicemails on the program assistants line. 

The voicemails made threats toward President Barack Obama and his family. 

The investigation led the Secret Service to the home of James Myers in Dearborn Heights.  After being interviewed by the Secret Service, Myers' father, whom he lives with, asked if he had "been making phone calls again."

Myers initially denied making the statement, but later during the interview admitted that he made, according to the criminal complaint, "some bad statements about the President...about hanging the President... because of the filthy sex and perversion on the cable and TV do (sic) to the fact that they are feeding this trash to families and kids and seniors".

Myers has also been convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 4th degree in 2001.

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