Inclement weather delays Metro Airport flights, frustrates holiday travelers

ROMULUS, Mich (WXYZ) - "I am so tired" said Christy Brown after having three flights delayed in one day. She is trying to get to Kansas City to pick up her daughter.

"One flight was actually turned around because the plane could not land in Kansas City," said Christy. 

She says the airline was treating her well, it was Mother Nature that was giving her a headache. 

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Another traveler at Detroit Metro Airport had his Thursday night flight to Chicago canceled, so he decided to rent a car and drive.

There were 19 cancelations on the board in red, many to northern Michigan cities, also to Wisconsin and Illinois.

It is difficult at any time, but during the holidays it is a little more frustrating as families try to come together.

Airline officials say the trouble is that it is a domino effect. The weather in Detroit could be fine for take-off, but if the weather is bad at the destination, the flight will likely be delayed or canceled.

The best advice is to call your airline, come early and-- some say--keep your fingers crossed.



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