Detroit EFM Kevyn Orr talks about his first day on the job and actions he will take this week

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - After the first day on the job, emergency financial manager Kevyn Orr gave Detroit a preview of what is to come, mainly saying that people will see action starting this week.

"Public safety, EMS, those are things we are looking at straight away.  So you are going to see some things pretty quickly," said Kevyn Orr.

City council members were some of the first people Orr met with on Monday.

"I thought they went fairly well. I was excited to hear them, all of them expressed their concerns about having an emergency manager which is expected but they were generally understanding," said Orr.

Orr considered the meetings a success and still has three more council members to meet with Tuesday.

"Actually, I found them to be more reasoned and thoughtful than they are given credit for frankly in a lot of public statements.  I mean frankly most of the council people I met with were very concerned about the city and very interested in doing the best thing for the people of Detroit," said Orr.

Orr put his words into action and attended a town hall event the Detroit Young Professionals held at Wayne State University with Governor Rick Snyder.

"We've done what we've done so far, why not make a difference and make a change?" said Bernard Morgan with the Detroit Young Professionals.

"Really exciting that they came down and met with Detroit Young Professionals obviously giving us priority on the first day, that's really cool," said Patrick Beal with MeritHall Inc. who is with the Detroit Young Professionals.

The Governor made it clear that cleaning up the city's finances is Orr's undertaking.

"I view it as Kevin has a set of responsibilities and I'm there to be a supportive partner just like I have with the city in general.  He's playing that role now and I'm here to help him solve problems and move things forward," said Governor Snyder.

So how would Orr grade his first day on the job?     

"I judge it as I'm going to take it as pass fail, so it's a pass. It was exciting," said Orr.

It is not all number crunching. Orr is also getting a taste of everything that Detroit has to offer. When asked if he's had a chance to explore Detroit and if he's found any favorites, Orr responded, "The best barbeque in the world. Slows Bar-B-Q."   

Orr will be back hard at work Tuesday. 

7 Action News has also learned that arbitrators have ruled on the contract for the Detroit police officers. Union President Mark Diaz said he had the signed contract in his hand and it will be in effect. The union does not have to vote on the contract to ratify it, because it was handled in arbitration. 

Tuesday morning, the union will reveal what is in the contract. Historically, emergency financial managers have restored something that had been cut from public safety, so it will be interesting to see what is in the contract and what decisions Orr will make about public safety.

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