Detroit Police Chief James Craig says precincts now staffed 24 hours per day

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Detroit's virtual precincts are officially a thing of the past.

Chief James Craig says Detroit precincts are now staffed 24/7 and that's not the only change being implemented.

Police headquarters however will not be open around-the-clock but instead will keep normal business hours.

Also, about 100 new cars purchased by the pillars of Detroit's business community will soon be used by Detroit Police.

Chief Craig wants them on the road as soon as possible; they're still being outfitted with computers, camera, radios and lights.

Craig is also making staffing changes.

He's talked about hiring civilians to do jobs that Detroit Police had been performing, such as administrative jobs.

He's expected to make that announcement this week; we'll know for sure by Thursday.

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