Dog attacked and nearly killed by neighbor's Rottweiler in Wayne

WAYNE, Mich. (WXYZ) - A dog is attacked while walking in his front yard in Wayne on Tuesday.

Donna Taylor told 7 Action News she was walking her dog Sammy, when she heard the neighbor’s dog getting upset.

"Sammy was out sniffing around and the Rottweiler that lived next door was very agitated and jumping at the fence and barking and everything,” said Taylor.

The neighbor’s dog was able to break through a weak spot in the fence and charged at Sammy.
"He grabbed Sammy around the neck and that's when he bit me and just kept shaking him like a rag,” said Taylor.

She thought Sammy was dead, but she rushed him to her vet, where they stabilized him and sent him to an emergency vet.

"They called him the miracle dog, she said he was little fighter and it could have been so much worse,” said Taylor.

The neighbor’s dog is a first time offender when it comes to biting. He has no history.
"My husband called police and an animal control warden came over and seized the dog,” said Taylor.

Which means, even though he is in quarantine now for a few days, he’s expected home soon.

Her neighbor has agreed to help with some of the cost, but the bills are expensive.

"They have said they will help, but the cost is at $4,500.00 right now, just for that one veterinary hospital then I have my other vet, the cost is growing,” said Taylor.

She said she is just happy to have her dog home.

"He's a little rescue, I got him when he was a year old and he's about 9-years-old now. He's my baby,” said Taylor.

If you’d like to help with Sammy’s veterinary bills, you can go to this GoFundMe page.

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