Dozens of men protest new 'women's only' policy at Taylor Fitness USA

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Fitness USA members are getting a different kind of workout today, marching to protest a change in policy at the facility in Taylor.

At times, the protest came very close to getting out of hand.

Dozens of men, upwards of 100,. Stood and sat in front of Fitness USA in Taylor protesting a major change. The facility is now ladies only.

"We're trying to let them know that, hey, we have rights as men, as well as the women do. But all they do is bring all these women in and shut the men down," member Kevin Cooper says.

As a result of the change the men who had been using the facility are now being told to use the Lincoln Park location instead, a facility that the men say is not only substandard but overcrowded and is not handicapped accessible.

"The Lincoln Park facility has stairs," says member Thomas Haener. "I have trouble negotiating the stairs. It's not handicap accessible."

We spoke with Fitness USA management at the company's West Bloomfield headquarters. They contend the facility is handicapped accessible and say anyone unable to use the Lincoln Park facility is more than welcome to discuss their concerns and possible solutions.

"We have an open-door policy," says Jodi Berry. "Any member who has an extraordinary special set of circumstances is welcome to contact us, and we'll listen to them. And we will work with them to try to resolve the situation."

In the meantime, the men who are protesting Fitness USA's new business model say they do plan to visit the Lincoln Park location this Thursday to protest.

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