Even though temperatures continue to dip, there are still people who have to work outside all day

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - When temperatures dip dangerously low, there are some jobs that require their workers to be outside all day long so you can have water and drive safely down the road.

Workers from the Detroit Water and Sewage Department have spent many days in the past few weeks working in frigid temperatures.  

On Monday, we found workers at Fort Street and Conway in Detroit walking through cold water all day.  There is only one reason why they were not getting sick.

"You have to have the proper clothing on," said Kenneth Miller.  Miller has been with the department and working out in the cold for the past 20 years.

"You sort of build up a tolerance for it," said Miller.

Workers spend an average of 10 hours a day fixing broken water pipes out in weather you would not want to be out for in for five minutes.

"The water has to be delivered and the roads have to be passable so no matter what the weather conditions we have to be out here," said Miller.

Workers only have so many hours to fix the problem before temperatures fall even lower.

"When it gets dark after the sun goes down, it starts getting very cold," said Deandre Hutcherson.  Hutcherson, another worker, said protecting is a top priority.

"Two pair of socks, and two pair of boots inside of these boots," said Hutcherson pointing to his feet.

There is only one part of the body Hutcherson does not cover all the time and that is his face.  He does not want anything obstructing his peripheral vision.   

"That's the coldest part of my body," said Hutcherson.

Oddly enough, what keeps him safe also poses a danger. 

"I feel it, but I don't feel it," said Hutcherson.

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