Families make it a tradition to go to the Lions game around Christmas

Family from Romulus has been going for 4 decades

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Families make going to the Lions game around Christmas tradition and one family has been going together for over four decades.   

Three generations of the Ladach family made it out to tailgate at Eastern Market Saturday.

"I'm happy to be a Lions fan but I'm not happy with their results," said Jerry Ladach.

The 70-year-old from Romulus became a season ticket holder in 1966 when he got out of the army.

"My cousin's A.J. and Mario, they had tickets and I got them with them, and we've been going every since," said Ladach.  He said he took a break when the lions weren't doing so well but started back up again a few years ago.

"My son here talked me into getting season tickets again, so for the last few years we've been getting the tickets again," said Ladach.

They are one of the many families who make a tradition out of going to the Lions game at Christmas time.

"This is our fifteenth year doing it.  Our dads used to take us here now we are kind of taking the reins now so we are heading it up," said Mike Smith.

"It's a new tradition actually that we are just starting now.  So this will be our kickoff to Christmas from now on so it's exciting," said Justin Klausmeier of Lathrup Village.

Fans are looking forward to their one last tailgate of the year next Sunday when the Lions take on the Chicago Bears for their last game of the season.

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