Feds seize computers from Allen Park City Hall as part of SEC investigation into Unity Studio's deal

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - The current City Administrator confirms to 7 Action New that a contractor for the Securities and Exchange Commission came to City Hall and took the Mayor's hard drive and two other computers.

There has been ongoing investigation into the controversial purchase of property located next to the city's municipal offices.

Several years ago the city bought more than 100 acres of the land for almost $25,000,000 after it was discovered to be worth a lot less.

The 7 Action News Investigators were first to expose how Allen Park likely paid far more than it should for the Visteon Property that was to be the home of Unity Studios.

When the former mayor of Allen Park, Gary Burka, and former City Administrator Eric Waidelich left their jobs, the city confiscated their computers.

According to the current City Administrator, Waidelich's desktop and laptop had been sitting in the Allen Park Police Department.

The current mayor was still using Burka's desktop.

"I don't know the exact means of what the S.E.C. is looking at," said current City Administrator David Boomer.  "Whether they are looking at their property acquisition, the sale of bonds, dealings with Unity Studios - I don't know exactly what they are looking at, but I know it's pretty all-encompassing investigation. "

Burka was not re-elected and left office a couple of years ago.  Waidelich resigned around the same time. He now works in Taylor as a purchasing officer.

According to Boomer, the city has been cooperating with investigators.

"I think it's important that the city move forward and put this behind us," he says.

7 Action News tried to contact Waidelich at his office in Taylor and left a message for him.  No one returned our phone calls. 

The S.E.C. said they would not confirm or deny anything during an ongoing investigation.

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