FOUND: 15-year-old Emily Lalinsky who went missing with 37-year-old Robert Messer

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, Mich., (WXYZ) - Police confirm that the missing 15-year-old Plymouth Township girl has been found safe after reportedly running away a 37-year-old man.

Both Emily Lalinksy and Robert Messer were found in a field in Washtenaw County near 7 Mile and Chubbs Road.

They were transported to separate hospitals to be treated for self-inflicted 'superficial' wounds to the wrist.

Authorities had previously asked for help in finding the teen and the man.

Emily Lalinsky and Robert Messer disappeared Sunday in Northville Township. The couple left a note behind, expressing their love for one another.

The letter was written by both Messer and Lalinsky. The addressed each of their family members with special messages and then said goodbye in the note.

In one section, Lalinsky wrote: "Try not to be sad and don't blame yourself.  Nothing could be done I love you."  It was addressed to her mother, Lisa Schwartz.

Messer left his family behind, including his own son.

They also left behind their phones and police say they have no money.

According to Schwartz, Messer, who the family called Bob, had been a family friend for years.

"I trusted him," said Schwartz.  "My whole family trusted him.  My daughter trusted him.  Bob was always like a brother to me.  Emily doesn't have a dad, so she always looked up to Bob as a dad, as a father figure.  They're both very introverted.  They both love photography and they both love hiking."

Schwartz, a mother of six, just recently got married.  She told 7 Action News she never thought twice about Messer spending time with her kids.

Schwartz said her family and Messer's would often take camping trips and were very close.

According to Schwartz, Messer, who is from South Lyon, had just gotten a divorce from his wife last year.

"With me having so many kids I could not just take her and do things with her, so he was like 'I'll take her to Ann Arbor, I'll take her to Botanical Gardens.'"

Messner and Lalinsky left everything behind, including clothes. Her family thinks the pair does not want to be traced.

Loved ones are shaking their heads as to how a grown man could run off with such a young teen.

As time went by, Lalinsky's  family became more worried and police were concerned for the teen's safety.

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