Hearing held to decide future of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A lawyer for the state's Judicial Tenure Commission urged that Wayne County Judge Wade McCree be removed from the bench for misconduct that took place in his courtroom.

McCree was suspended without pay after admitting to having an affair with a woman whose child support case was before him.

"Judge McCree testified falsely under oath," said JTC Executive Director Paul Fischer, who insisted that McCree wasn't truthful to the commission.

"He is unfit to sit in judgment of others.  He should be removed from office and assessed the costs incurred in this matter."

McCree admits to carrying on an improper, sexual relationship with Geniene LaShay Mott, a witness in his courtroom. Mott complained that Robert King, the father of her child, wasn't paying enough in child support.  

"The moment he decided he wanted to start a relationship with her, he should have disqualified himself.  He didn't," Fischer said.

Today marked both side's final arguments before McCree's fate is finally decided by the 9 member panel. McCree's attorney Brian Einhorn said the judge should have recused himself from Mott's case once their relationship began, but it slipped his mind.

"He comes in Monday morning and that's the last thing on his mind.  He's got his docket in front of him. It's the way his mind works.  He is not thinking of the case," Einhorn said.

The JTC's recommendation could come as soon as next month.  The supreme court will decide McCree's fate.

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