Highland Park Police investigate abduction allegations that triggered a morning standoff

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - A possible abduction turned into a standoff in Highland Park Wednesday morning.

Michigan State Police troopers were called in as back up as the suspects barricaded themselves inside the home.

A K-9 unit will be brought in to sweep the home. Police believe it is clear, but the dog will help ensure that. However, the dog can't be brought in until a warrant is signed.

This started around 8:30 this morning when police received a report that a person was being held against his will in the upstairs apartment of the duplex.

When police arrived, the alleged victim was sent downstairs to answer the door.

As police attempted to speak to the other individuals inside the home, the suspects took what appeared to be a tactical position, shut the doors and refused to come out.

MSP was then called as backup. When they arrived Highland Park police forcibly entered the apartment home - taking everyone inside to the station for questioning.

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