Judge Wade McCree faces Day 3 of Judicial Tenure Commission hearing on misconduct

(WXYZ) - Wayne County Judge Wade McCree was back before the Judicial Tenure Commission for a third day in an effort to keep his job.

There was testimony today that a mental condition might explain the erratic behavior of Judge Wade McCree. It came from  McCree's doctor at a Judicial Tenure Commission hearing to decide whether McCree will be punished and how severely.

There was also some salacious testimony today from another doctor who is also a friend of the Judge - Dr. Curtis Long, a psychiatrist and former college roommate of McCree.

McCree's former roommate said he witnessed some very inappropriate behavior between McCree and his mistress. And it happened right in the doctor's living room.

Judge McCree admits he had an affair with Geniene LaShay Mott, a woman who had a child support case before him, and that he texted shirtless picture to here.

Today, McCree's doctor offered a possible explanation for the erratic behavior. He testified that McCree might have suffered from a condition called hypomania.

"They know the difference between right and wrong.  The problem is they are impulsive - they don't have - that internal sensor isn't working.  And so they often cross that line," Dr. David Jacobi said describing how people with hypomania behave.

McCree's friend and psychiatrist, Dr .Curtis Longs also took the stand - saying he had warned McCree that Mott was trouble.

"I suggested that he needed to do whatever he can, whatever he could, to end this relationship with her. I didn't see anything good coming out of that relationship that he had with her," Long said.

Long said he was shocked when McCree and Mott came to his home to watch a football game and cuddled up on the couch.

"Her just fondling over him I thought was definitely inappropriate.," said Long.

"I'm sorry, her what?" asked Judicial Tenure Commission attorney Margaret Rynier.

"Fondling over him," Longs replied.

"You mean fondling over him or fondling him? " Rynier asked.

"Him," Longs answered.

Rynier grilled McCree's friend about why both he and McCree allowed the fondling to go on.

"Does he tell her stop - 'I don't like this?'  Yes or no sir," Rynier pressed. "No," Longs replied.

"Did you say to her 'stop you're in my house' and 'I don't like what you are doing?'  Yes or no?" Ranier asked.

"I don't recall saying it or putting it that way," Longs said.

McCree was back on the stand today, admitting that he allowed Mott to stay at his deceased mother's home in Ann Arbor.  He also allowed her to park in a judge's spot outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Besides the sexual relationship with a litigant in his courtroom, McCree is accused of filing a false felony report and demeaning defendants in his courtroom.

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