Judge Wade McCree misconduct trial continues before Judicial Tenure Commission

(WXYZ) - Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree made a "mockery" of the court system by carrying on a relationship with a complaining witness in his courtroom, a lawyer for the Judicial Tenure Commission said today. 

In closing arguments, JTC lawyer Margaret Rynier said McCree violated the code of judicial conduct and deserves to be punished.  

McCree is facing misconduct charges for having an ongoing relationship with Genine La'Shay Mott, a complaining witness on a pending child support case that was before him. Rynier said McCree knew his relationship was wrong, as evidenced by text messages where the judge asked her to not tell anyone about their affair. 

"He told Mott, 'Please keep it quiet,'" Rynier said

JTC officials tried their best today to show that McCree wasn't always truthful, showing inconsistencies in what he said in text messages, and what he testified to on the bench.  McCree said he didn't remember details of many of the texts, including one he sent to Mott after the two supposedly broke up.  In the message, McCree says he still wants to be together.  It's up to Mott, he wrote, to end their relationship. 

McCree said the text message was a lie meant merely to "pacify" Mott.  

Rynier asked McCree if he was lying now, or lying then.


"It's salesman's puffery," McCree said.

"What are you selling?" Rynier asked.

"I'm selling myself at this point," the judge responded. 

Testimony has concluded for the hearing.  Closing arguments are expected to continue for the rest of the afternoon. 

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