Metro Detroit mothers dust off their old prom dresses to party with their friends for a good cause

Canton-based Mom Prom catches on nationally

CANTON, Mich., (WXYZ) - Got some old prom dresses collecting dust in your closet?

Some Moms in Canton are putting them to good use by throwing Mom Proms with their grown-up girlfriends....all for a good cause.


Betsy Crapps of Canton came up with the idea after wearing a 1987 turquoise ruffled number to an Oscars party with friends.

"It just grew up from there.  We decided to have a real prom with a DJ and streamers and paper tissue flowers.  Every year it's just grown and grown," said Crapps.

The first Mom Prom was held in Canton in 2006.

"Twelve of us went out to dinner and dancing.  We took the standard prom photo outside the house," she recalled.

She wore her pink prom dress from 1988 and had a blast with her buds.

"My goal is that as many women as possible hear about the Mom Prom, and then they organize their own Mom Prom to raise money for a charity that's close to their heart," said Crapps.

Every Mom Prom is a girls' night out for Moms in metro Detroit, but each one is also a fundraiser for a good cause close to their hearts. 

The idea is catching on.

Now there are more than 50 Mom Proms planned across the United States.

The Mom Prom creators have been featured on several national network morning news programs including Good Morning America.

"I'm just so excited and happy that they can raise money for something that is near and dear to them," smiled Crapps.

Her friends are very supportive of each Mom Prom she's helped organize.

"This was a find from ebay about four years ago," said Katie Cleveland as she twirled in a pink satin and black lace strapless gown that cost her $20.

Three-time "Mom Prom-er" Monica Capilla is not surprised the idea has caught on nationally.

"You get to get dressed up, you get to go out to dinner, you get to kind of make a fool of yourself. And it's for charity," said Capilla as she showed off a green velvet bridesmaid dress her sister wore in a wedding in the early 90s.

Kristin Stuenkel's 16-year-old daughter MacKenzie has diabetes so she was inspired to throw a Mom Prom Friday in Brighton to benefit the American Diabetes Association.

"I don't golf. I'm not very good at bowling. I can't bake very well so bake sales were out. And I was really desperate to find a good fundraiser," lamented Stuenkel. "Then I came across the idea of the Mom Prom, and I thought, 'That is something I can do!'"

"I think it's really exciting because not only are they raising money for the American DIabetes Association, it's also a really fun night for a bunch of Moms to come out," smiled MacKenzie.

The next Mom Prom is in Brighton for the American Diabetes Association May 13th.  It will be held at the American Spirit Center in Brighton from 7:00 p.m. - 12 midnight.

You can get tickets at the American Spirit Center, Reflections Salon in Brighton, and on

Another Mom Prom will be held in Chelsea, Michigan, on June 4th at the Chelsea Comfort Inn &  Village Conference Center . at 1645 Commerce Park Drive.  It will benefit MOPS International which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $30 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased at the Chelsea First United Methodist Church at 128 Park Street.  You may also e-mail

If you'd like to find out more information about how to throw a Mom Prom in your city or sign up for a Mom Prom near you, click on their website:




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