Only on 7, Governor Rick Snyder is speaking out about the thousands of broken highway lights

(WXYZ) - More than 3,000 of the 11,000 lights on southeastern Michigan highways don't work.  They're busted, broken, decrepit, and Richard Antuna, the man in charge, doesn't have what he needs to fix them.

Antuna said all they're doing is putting bandaids on repairs.

The state has only given Antuna five electricians to fix the lights, and a budget of only $2.5 million, and for Ronda Podhola, she couldn't believe it.

Podhola says she has been hounding the governor's office about the lights out on I-75 that make her commute dangerous.

"Nobody was taking me seriously or seemed to think the problem was serious," she said.

Carolyn Clifford took these questions straight to Governor Snyder, who said that in the budget he just proposed, they added money to deal with that.

"There's a proposal for $40 million for maintenance.  That's in addition to nearly a quarter billion for roads in general," Gov. Snyder said.

Antuna would like more though. He would like to have 12 more electricians, 12 more bucket trucks, and $12 million.

The governor said that they are setting aside resources to help the issue, but State Senator Glenn Anderson, a democrat from Westland isn't buying the Governor's answer. He says even if the $40 million is approved, it may not go to fixing the lights, and called this an emergency situation.

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