Police in Inkster ready to fight cutbacks

INKSTER, Mich (wxyz) - Police in Inkster say working without benefits is not an option even though that is what the city is proposing.

Inkster is under a consent agreement, revenue is down, and the budget is bare bones. The proposal: half the police department, 12 officers, would work without benefits.

The police officer's union says that is against labor laws and they will first try to negotiate benefits back in or they will go to court and ask for an injunction.

At a public hearing on the budget and after a night of unusual violence, residents spoke out against the cutbacks.

"Cut here, cut there, pretty soon there won't be anywhere else to cut," said the Reverend George Williams, an Inkser resident who also said, "every night we hear gunshots while we are sleeping. Let's come together and work this out."

The police chief, Hilton Napoleon, says "this is bad for the morale, putting your life on the line and knowing you won't have benefits, police work is hard enough,  this is an extreme."

The budget won't be adopted until May 20 and any cuts would take effect on July 1.

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