Police say a man kidnapped a woman, drove to an isolated location and raped her

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police said an armed man kidnapped a woman, drove her to an isolated location and then raped her.

Neighbors who live along Plainview in northwest Detroit woke up Saturday to snow that still had to be shoveled and police lights.

"For something like that to happen it's really strange and really sad," said Greg Love.  One of Love's neighbors had been kidnapped from outside around 9:30 a.m. Saturday and raped.

"It's really crazy for someone that would do something like that," Love said.  He grew up in the neighborhood and found the news hard to stomach.

Police said when the man approached the 33-year-old woman, used a weapon to force her into a vehicle and then drove her to an isolated location on the city's west side where he sexually assaulted her.

Police said after the assault the man let the woman go and then he escaped in the vehicle.

"Really so sad to hear it was so close to us.  It was so close to us," said Sonya Lewis.

Lewis moved back to the street to take care of her mother after her father died and had always felt safe here. 

"It just used to be a beautiful neighborhood.  We still have a really cohesive family network going around.  Our neighbors look out for each other so this has just been a big, big, surprise and it's just sad to hear," said Lewis.

Lewis and Love never imagined something so horrible could happen on the street. 

The police have a vague description of the man and ask anyone with information to call the Detroit Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit at (313) 596-1950.

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