Suspect in custody after bomb threat at Westland City Hall, threat over

Nearby schools on lockdown

WESTLAND, Mich. (WXYZ) - A man was taken into custody after a reported bomb threat inside Westland City Hall.

Police responded to reports of a man with explosives inside the building. According to the Westland police chief, the suspect walked into the mayor's office demanding to see Mayor William Wild.

The suspect, who is believed to be around 40-years-old with a military background, was told Mayor Wild was not in the building.

The mayor was attending the funeral of fallen firefighter Brian Woehlke at the time. The police chief says the man was behaving in an irrational manner.

The suspect told city workers he had explosives strapped to him and people inside began to frantically run out of city hall, according to a friend of one of the people who escaped.

According to police, the suspect took one of the city employees as his hostage. At some point, she too was able to escape but the man remained inside the building.

Michigan State Police tell 7 Action News that their bomb squad was called to the scene. Authorities shut down a stretch of Ford Road.

A heavy police presence could be seen surrounding the complex. City Hall was cordoned off. All Wayne-Westland schools were placed in a precautionary lockdown, according to the Deputy Superintendent.

Once police made contact with the suspect, he was told to take off his clothes to be searched.

It is not clear what the suspect wanted to speak to the mayor about and officers will not confirm if the objects strapped to him were explosives.

He was arrested without incident.


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