Detroit postal carrier charged after dumping almost 400 pieces of mail before Christmas

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Did you get all your mail this past month?  If you live in Detroit, your mail may have been ditched on the street by an overwhelmed postal worker.

According to a criminal complaint filed in federal court, 26-year-old Anntina Thigpen is being charged with deserting mail. Thigpen is being accused of dumping hundreds of letters and cards on a street two weeks before Christmas to lighten her load.

Almost 400 pieces of mail were recovered from a pile of snow  on Appoline Street by another postal carrier.

Mail was also found scattered across Sturtevant, Broadstreet, Monica, Martindale and Burlingame streets.

When Detroit resident Peggy Brown pulled a ripped up envelope out of a bag from her mail carrier she was surprised to see it was a Christmas card.

"I'm just getting it and it was supposed to be here at Christmas time," said Brown.

A girl from Brown's church sent the card on December 13, but it didn't arrive until a month later. 

The card was the second ripped up piece of mail delivered to Brown in the past week.

Thankfully nothing was missing from inside the card but Brown almost missed out on knowing someone was thinking about her over the holiday season.

"I feel real good.  I feel special," said Brown.

Thigpen has been charged with deserting mail.  7 Action News went to her house Tuesday night but a relative said she was not home.

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